Waxing Back Hair

Waxing is a common method of hair removal that is usually used by women to remove hair from their legs and bikini area. It is also commonly used by men who have large amounts of back hair. While this method is considered to be quite painful at time it is not as expensive as laser treatments and does not have to be done as often as shaving.

There are two ways in which you are able to wax back hair. The first is to visit an esthetician who will remove the back hair. It will cost between $30 to $100 depending on the amount of hair that you have and how thick it is. The second way is to purchase a waxing kit and have someone you know and trust who is able to do it for you.

Waxing At Home

The waxing kits will cost between $10 to $30 depending on the brand that you purchase and the method in which it is applied. You will have the option to use the wax that you will warm up and apply to the back or you can purchase the strips that have the wax already on them.

Choosing the right kit to use is difficult for a man – especially when they have never done it before. Ask your spouse or a close friend that is a woman to choose one for you. They understand the best type to use because they have probably used it so many times in the past.

Before you are able to apply the wax you need to wash your back with warm water and soap. This will remove sweat and daily grease and grime from the area. If you skip this step then the wax might not connect with the hair and it will be a waste of time. Once you have cleaned the area wipe it dry.

Use a beard trimmer or clippers to trim the hair down to 1/8 inch. After warming up the wax (read the directions) you will apply it evenly to the hair. Apply it in the direction that the hair is growing. If this is your first time it is best to start with a small area to make sure that your skin will not react with the wax.

Apply the strip over the wax and lay it down smooth and flat. To remove the trips grab the end and pull it slowly off in the direction that is against the hair growth. This will be painful – especially when it is your first time. You will repeat these steps until all the hair has been removed.

Once you are finished apply a moisturizer to the back and do not put a shirt back on for a couple of hours. If you have to wear a shirt then make sure it is cotton. Any other material might be too rough and irritate the skin.